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The MIMCO Design Project



And the winners are...



Nikki Flux

Your winning design State of Flux Bag captured our hearts for its originality and joie de vivre. We can’t wait to welcome it into the MIMCO universe in 2016 as part of our 20th anniversary collection.

The inspiration behind the design

As a designer, I want something that looks stylish but is also big enough to carry all my bits and bobs needed on the job. I also love the idea of a bag that is multi functional that can be taken from day to night. A sling back handbag from evening, a backpack for day. Not only is functionality important to me, but something that speaks for me, and my uniqueness is a plus.


“I’m completely blown away by this! I’m so thankful and excited to have had my design chosen for the Mimco Design Project. I was inspired to create this bag as I am always on the look out for a stylish, unique hand bag that is functional enough for me to transition easily from work to play – and I’m sure others feel the same. I illustrated my dream bag and am so happy that this dream is on its way to becoming reality! Thank you MIMCO for running such an awesome competition.”

- Nikki Flux

Follow the journey of Nikki’s creation on instagram @_mimco.

Follow the journey #mimcodesignproject

People's choice award


CongratulationsTIANA CONNOR

As voted by you Tiana’s design, Tabco, is winner of the People’s Choice Award!

Thank you to everyone who entered. We were truly inspired by your passion and love for this iconic MIMCO design.

We’ve been humbled by the amazing response to our design project.
A big thank you to all of our entrants for taking the time to reimagine our iconic Button Bag. We hope you’ll continue to support our competitions and above all, keep being creative!


Designer: Tiana Connor
Designer: Bethany Cordwell
Designer: Christie Waaka
Designer: Malia Belouardi
Designer: Fleur Harris
Designer: Emily Luxton
Designer: Gina Cleaver
Designer: Katherine Gower
Designer: Grace Burrell
Designer: Anneliese Sullivan
Designer: Halide Osman
Designer: Victoria Pratt
Designer: Stephanie Morello
Designer: Emily Cork
Designer: Anthony May
Designer: AIMEE KAHL
Designer: Kelly Maxwell
Designer: Ayse Akdeniz
Designer: Cayleigh James
Designer: Michelle Simm
Designer: Dannii Ho
Designer: Carla Bond
Designer: Simone Grauman
Designer: Diana Taleski
Designer: Brittany Weir
Designer: Olivia Schofield
Designer: Fleur Harris
Designer: Tarsha Mautone
Designer: Emma Male
Designer: Karla Davis
Designer: Nicaela Singh
Designer: Kristy FORD
Designer: Carissa Jackson
Designer: Mandy Mills
Designer: Nikki Dale
Designer: Samantha Barry
Designer: Emma Johns
Designer: Kataraina Anaru
Designer: Alana Giaccio
Designer: SzeMei Yong
Designer: Isabella Portelli
Designer: Rosha Fountain
Designer: Sharnee Taylor
Designer: Natalie Evans
Designer: Nikki Flux
Designer: Lauren Ardley
Designer: Simela Falagas
Designer: Damian Porcaro
Designer: Raf Gralak
Designer: Audrey Zerafa
Designer: Lauren Cecil
Designer: Kelsey Anderson
Designer: Kim Middleton
Designer: Sophie Glasfurd
Designer: Natasha Priolo
Designer: Anita Lim
Designer: Alice Costanzo
Designer: Rosetta Cafuta
Designer: Jode Ly
Designer: Kate Mohr
Designer: Samara King
Designer: Suzy Cameron
Designer: Heidi Tyrie
Designer: Annie Hold
Designer: Jayne Wylie
Designer: Krystal LopezBarahona
Designer: Natalie Hinds
Designer: Kristy Cao
Designer: Kim Le
Designer: Natalie Hinds
Designer: Lisa Hong
Designer: Susannah Ingram
Designer: Rose Zhang
Designer: Jenifer Liang
Designer: Majella Edwards
Designer: Marija Unfirer
Designer: Lucy Yu
Designer: Fei Lobriza
Designer: Nadia Evans
Designer: Jenny Lieng
Designer: Caroline Plante
Designer: Rebecca Bardaxis
Designer: Kylie Mibus
Designer: Judy ODowd
Designer: Kim Morte
Designer: Emily Starling
Designer: Kathleen Wigan
Designer: Marija Unfirer
Designer: Carissa Smart
Designer: Linsey Groves
Designer: kelly Maxwell
Designer: Natalie Hinds
Designer: Aziza Ammar
Designer: Micaela Porta
Designer: Olga Andropova
Designer: Kassia Piva
Designer: Wendy Bryant
Designer: Renee Richards
Designer: Annetta Cerim
Designer: Vanessa Martin
Designer: Angela Bogiatzis
Designer: Clarence Villanueva
Designer: Yiwen Hua
Designer: Janaki Hansma
Designer: Simela Falagas
Designer: Melissa Stimson
Designer: sarah costanzo
Designer: Kate Robinson
Designer: Oranuch Nock
Designer: Tamika Linger
Designer: silvia vanelli
Designer: Brittany Eddy
Designer: Jackie Lewis
Designer: Marija Unfirer
Designer: Marija Unfirer
Designer: Rebecca Armstrong
Designer: Alex Pond
Designer: Olivia Watson
Designer: Francine Dhiacou
Designer: Aimee Parsons
Designer: Melissa Ingram
Designer: Michelle Turra
Designer: Elizabeth Davis
Designer: Vanessa Chang
Designer: Ruth Villanueva
Designer: Mei Zhang
Designer: Lauren Woodlands
Designer: Moz Abdul
Designer: Kelly Burley
Designer: Sylvia Oh
Designer: YOKO GOMI
Designer: Kristen Koumakis
Designer: Taylor Perren
Designer: Courtney Deab
Designer: Lisa Guillou
Designer: Brodie Burrows
Designer: Melissa Brown
Designer: Marta Oktaba
Designer: Tiia Metzke
Designer: Cara Robertson
Designer: Alice mainey
Designer: Nicky Lark
Designer: Cathy Lau
Designer: Eve Zalbe
Designer: Jennifer Liu
Designer: Kathleen Wigan
Designer: Kathleen Wigan
Designer: Johanna Butler
Designer: Kathleen Wigan
Designer: Sara Finlayson
Designer: Eryn Kwon
Designer: Carla Genovesi
Designer: Trish kostoglou
Designer: Claire Gray
Designer: Tanja Sore
Designer: Kellee Tindall
Designer: paul smith
Designer: Chloe Wilson
Designer: Kirsten Mansfield
Designer: Andrea Smith
Designer: Lydia Brisbout
Designer: renata baric
Designer: Candice Brogan
Designer: Olivia Chum
Designer: Tegan Donald
Designer: Laura Stewart
Designer: Gina Ciancio
Designer: Nicola Feltis
Designer: Ana Merhab
Designer: Kate Pickham
Designer: Angela Norton
Designer: Tamika Linger
Designer: Linda Tsakoumangos
Designer: Michelle Chen
Designer: Matilda Riek
Designer: Cindy Truong
Designer: penny finnigan
Designer: Brittany Eddy
Designer: Sandra Campagnolo
Designer: Alexandra Steggell
Designer: Bina Perelman
Designer: Estelle White
Designer: renata baric
Designer: Tara Calabro
Designer: Raquel Ware
Designer: Mahya Yazdanparast
Designer: Angel Budarick
Designer: Hoppy Schneider
Designer: Ashley Lay
Designer: Laura Presti
Designer: Brittany Eddy
Designer: Mor Saar
Designer: ELENI NOTT
Designer: Brigita Nogic
Designer: Sharyn Finn
Designer: Razel Aquinde
Designer: Dee Ellis
Designer: Anneli Buzaki
Designer: Gina Rossi
Designer: Paige MackaySmith
Designer: Chetana Ranchord
Designer: Anneli Buzaki
Designer: Chappelle Roggeveen
Designer: Niccola Drake
Designer: Lucy Murphy
Designer: Martha Middleton
Designer: Natalie Olsson
Designer: Jaqui Compton
Designer: Connie Asvestas
Designer: Judith Mawn
Designer: Joey lasserre
Designer: Chantanee Laosiriserichon
Designer: Sophie Dawson
Designer: Melanie Mazziol
Designer: Tamika Linger
Designer: Hilary Fraser
Designer: Melanie James
Designer: Olivia Eccles
Designer: Nicky Snape
Designer: chiara piazzese
Designer: Elli Hopkins
Designer: ylinh lam
Designer: Naomi Speechly
Designer: Susan Wang
Designer: Anneli Buzaki
Designer: jo ernest
Designer: Chiara Mills
Designer: Samantha Kennedy
Designer: Taylor Fletchett
Designer: Simone Strauss
Designer: Lydia Brisbout
Designer: Jessica Paratore
Designer: Amanda Shonhan
Designer: Ellie Hadland
Designer: Anneli Buzaki