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The MIMCO Design Project




Designer:   Bethany Cordwell


I was inspired to design this bag to combine both functionality and beauty together and also to reflect Mimco's image as a label in celebrating their success over 20 years. I believe, as a young designer studying fashion I should be picked as my button bag design stands out above other entries. This bag is both classy and versatile- which can be worn by many Mimco customers of all ages. Winning this competition wold be an amazing accomplishment and stepping stone for my future career in this industry that I have strived and worked very hard to be part of.


This stylish bag is designed as a re-imagining of the famous Mimco Button bag. This sketch portrays a very versatile designed bag which can change from a backpack, side bag to handbag with the change of strap/s and strap length. It can be worn by women from many different age groups as they can choose which style/s suit them and their needs the most. This bag measures at 20cm wide, 40cm high and 37 long and 2x 100cm adjustable straps (only one is pictured in the main illustration). Both straps are used when the wearer wants the backpack option.


The materials used for this button bag are of high quality and reflect the mimco image. The body and straps of the bag are made from a black paten leather material which is durable in its strength and classic in its style. By having black as the base colour, this bag can then work well with many out fits. the large button, zip and buckle clips are stylish but strong and are made of a bronze metal. Overall the contrast between the black and bronze materials create a very classy and chic appeal which many mimco customers will love.

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