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The MIMCO Design Project




Designer:   Lisa Guillou


I started looking at ancient rome architecture because I wanted to use marble/howlite. Its a material I love but I needed to think of different way this could be incorporated into my design. In the end I opted to take this classic material and use it in an architectural way and the result is a fresh contemporary design.

Overall this is modern, visually stunning but still subtle enough to attract a wide audience. This design is versatile enough to be recreated in different prints and complementing leather colours. It could also provide as inspiration for a complementary jewellery collection.


I think the original Mimco design is perfect (I love the design so much I bought it in 3 different colours!). I didn't want to see the basic elements change because it has become a wardrobe staple. My design has the same dimensions as the original, same straps and same pockets etc. H 26cm, W 38cm, D 18cm.

What I want to do is play with different materials and textures to give the classic shape new life. I also like the idea of individuality and due to the nature of the material (howlite), every bag will have unique characteristics.


The main feature is the triangular PU tiles that run along the sides and bottom. These small triangle tiles have a marble print and are stuck to fabric. While being a hard textile, due to the slight gap between each tile, this textile should still be malleable and the bag can be held comfortably.

The buttons are made of howlite to compliment the feature tiling. Due to the nature of the stone, each bag will be unique.

The body of the bag is a smooth leather. A smooth sheep, buffalo or non-grainy cowhide.

All metal hardware would be silver.

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